What to expect from our Hydration Infusion

When you arrive, either our nurse or nurse technician will take you to the hydration lounge, where they will do a quick run-through of your medical history and talk about your goals and desired outcomes from the session. From this conversation our nurse will be able to advize on the best drip for you. We have a range of the most popular pre-designed drips which may fit your needs or alternatively we can tailor one especially for you, using our unique experience and technology.

This isn’t like an IV needle you might have had in the ER, the needle is much smaller, less intrusive and barely noticeable. Once the cannula is in place the needle is then removed and you can concentrate on relaxing in our hydration lounge, on our heated vibrating recliners, watching TV.

Everything will be done by a member of our experienced qualified nursing team, all of whom have decades of experience working in the ER. You can feel confident that our nurses will know exactly what they’re doing and how to make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible

Why Choose Us?

Our drips are completely tailored to you, we can adapt the ingredients and the ratios according to what your body needs and your desired outcomes to ensure we always leave you feeling satisfied.

Beyond our drips, we can offer more value as a complete facility with our other in-house services, for example why not stay and enjoy some light therapy, Instasculpting or cryotherapy? All of these treatments have fantastic health and wellness benefits.

Speak to one of our specialists to find out which complementary services will be best suited to your needs and desired outcome.

The Techy Bit

Hydration infusions have been around since modern medicine began, with doctors using IVs to administer vitamins, minerals and medicines quickly and efficiently to help improve health and wellness.

You might wonder why there’s a need for an IV, why not just take capsule supplements and drink water? The rate at which the liquid from the drip is absorbed is 100%

Your body can absorb and utilize 100% of the vitamins, minerals and medicines that enter your body via the drip, whereas if you were to consume these in tablet form, your body would only be able to absorb up to 50%.

The only side effects you might experience is some possible bruising at the site of the IV which will be painless and fade within a few days.