If you have never had Cryotherpy Treatment and have no idea what to expect, let us give you a little more insight:

Before we can do anything, you will need to register on our system and provide a thumb print as our machines need dual thumbprints (one from you and one from our technician) before they can be activated. This is just one of our safety features that we feel are essential (see below for the full list). All of our specialist technicians are certified to run the equipment.

A cryotherapy chamber is a chamber that you step into, your whole body will be in the chamber except for your head which will be above the chamber walls. When you arrive, the chamber is pre-cooled to the required temperature. A sensor is attached to your ear which will monitor your pulse and your oxygen levels to ensure your safety throughout the treatment. You will be given special slippers to wear, along with gloves and robes which you remove once you’re in the in chamber (keep your underwear on though!). The technician will be with you the whole time and the process tends to last 3 minutes.

The temperature of the chamber varies from -60°f to -230°f depending on the person and it’s important to make sure you drink lots of water after the treatment because it has a very heavy detoxifying effect.

We have safety covered

Our cryotherapy chamber is more efficient and safe than any of the competition:

Dual finger print authorisation – the equipment cannot be operated without both the client and the technician authorising the activation.

The pulse and blood oxygen monitor ensures your levels maintain within a safe region at all times; if this drops too low, the machine will automatically cut out.

In case of an emergency, you’re in control: there are emergency cut-off sensors on the doors which mean if you want the treatment to stop or if you want to get out of the chamber, you just have to push the door and the machine will stop.

The chamber is equipped with a camera which monitors your body position, if your position drops, the machine will cut-out.